June 6, 2023

CCC, MARINA seek greener, more sustainable maritime industry

MANILA – The Climate Change Commission (CCC) and the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) have forged partnership in pursuit of a greener and more sustainable maritime industry. The collaboration was a result of the two agencies’ recent meeting to discuss objectives and strategies for decarbonization aligned with MARINA’s Maritime Industry Development Program (MIDP) 2019-2028, the CCC said in a news release on Wednesday. One of the MIDP’s core objectives is the promotion of an environmentally sustainable maritime industry. The CCC and MARINA committed to strengthening their partnership further through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). “The cooperation between the CCC and MARINA is significant, given that the shipping industry contributes to climate change and accounts for over 3 percent of the global annual carbon dioxide emissions,” the CCC said. “The CCC will provide technical expertise, including guidance on mitigation and adaptation measures, to support MARINA’s policies and programs on decarbonization, and sharing of scientific studies and data sources on GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions,” it added.

LINK: https://seafarertimes.com/2020-21/node/8415