January 10, 2023

Certainty, communication, and connectivity raise seafarers’ satisfaction levels

Efforts to improve life at sea for seafarers have not gone to naught as Q3 results reflects sustained optimism with an overall average of 7.3/10, a small uptick from 7.21 in the previous quarter.With border restrictions easing in most countries and international travel picking up, the uncertainty of returning home or getting back to work is no longer ambivalent. Certainty and control over their contracts brings seafarer’s comfort when managing relationships with loved ones ashore. This directly links with another major contributor to happiness at sea – better communications and connectivity. Efficient and cost-effective Wi-Fi access is highly desired, and the knock-on effect this has on mental wellbeing is clear. Despite technology advancing rapidly, access, allotment, bandwidth, and quality of the internet leaves more to be desired on some vessels.

LINK:  https://seafarertimes.com/2020-21/node/8047