August 4, 2023


New Norwegian Viva Cruise Ship Delivered by Fincantieri

The Norwegian Viva, the second of six vessels from Norwegian Cruise Line’snew Prima Class of ships was delivered today at the Marghera shipyard by Fincanteiri. Along with her sister-ships, the Norwegian Viva will form the backbone of the future NCL fleet, at 143,000-tons, almost 300 meters long, and accommodating approx. 3,100 guests. Deliveries are scheduled through 2028, the shipyard said. The Prima Class is based on a prototype project developed by Fincantieri, which enhances the consolidated features of NCL’s signature offering of freedom and flexibility, qualified by an innovative configuration for an elevated passenger experience. In addition, focus was set on energy efficiency, with the twofold aim of optimizing consumption at sea and reducing environmental impact, compliant with all the most recent regulations on this matter.