May 23, 2023

Shipowners shun Pinoy seamen due to ambulance-chasing racket

Ambulance-chasing lawyers swindle seafarers. They hang out in hospitals, airports and offices where seamen gather, there to offer crooked deals. They even advertise online in breach of ethics. Their modus starts with fooling the seafarer to sue the shipowner for recompense. That’s for injury or illness sustained at work or even while vacationing at home. They offer to file claims with the National Labor Relations Commission or National Conciliation and Mediation Board. No need for the seafarer to attend hearings. When money is awarded, they take more than half. The racket thrives on the ambulance chasers’ handout of some cash and promise of sure victory. NLRC and NCMB require immediate payment to the claimant despite ongoing appeal by the shipowner or manning agency.