January 3, 2024


The new administrator of the Maritime Industry Authority on Wednesday vowed to vanquish what most seafarers and seaman’s groups have been throwing at Marina—corruption. “I want my administration to be characterized as corrupt-free, competent, and disciplined,” Sonia Bautista Malaluan told hundreds of Job Orders and Contract of Service personnel in a meeting on Wednesday at the Marina Central Office in Manila. “Love your job, perform it competently with integrity and professionalism. These are our core values,” she added. Despite this, Malaluan acknowledged the contributions of hundreds of contract personnel, the majority of whom are delivering frontline services, stating, “You are all a great help, especially to the frontline services. You are part of what Marina has accomplished in the last few years. Continuously, you contribute to the achievement of MARINA’s tasks, missions, and the way we deliver our services to the public.” Malaluan, a service career official at Marina for 33 years, took over the position of Atty. Hernani Fabia who resigned from his post last week.


LINK:  https://seafarertimes.com/2020-21/node/8785