March 4, 2024

MARINA begins orientation on blockchain-enabled e-processing

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has started orienting industry stakeholders on its blockchain-enabled system for electronically processing applications. MARINA on February 26 initiated the Blockchain-Enabled Automated Certification System (BEST) orientation series, with 350 in attendance, the agency said in a statement. Targeted for implementation by July 2024, MARINA BEST aims to enhance the agency’s online services, paving the way for contactless transactions from application to release of certificates, licenses, letter approvals, and documents. The project uses blockchain technology to keep data secured from unauthorized changes. It is meant to provide an efficient unified information system to improve internal productivity and secure data access. With MARINA BEST, all applications with MARINA will be online and real-time, both through a web portal or mobile, and will make use of electronic certificates, licenses, and documents. It will also allow online payment and can provide updates and tracking of applications. It can also automatically notify users of the expiration of certificates, permits, and licenses.