February 27, 2024

MARINA sets 2024 priorities, with digitalization as highest priority

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has identified priorities for 2024, with digitalization of processes, enhancing maritime safety, and passage of relevant bills in Congress taking centerstage. The priorities follow the 10-point agenda set by MARINA administrator Sonia Malaluan, who was appointed agency head in December 2023. Of that agenda, Malaluan, in an email to PortCalls, said digitalization of all MARINA processes to streamline the delivery of frontline services is a high priority. MARINA last year said it was working with partners on three projects that will digitize and automate the agency’s certification system, route rationalization of the domestic shipping industry, and the monitoring and analysis of the industry’s energy consumption and emissions.


LINK: https://seafarertimes.com/2020-21/node/8857