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What We Do

Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them

We will help you find the perfect job for you aboard a ship. Whether it be cruise or cargo, we’ll see where you fit in.

Are You Looking to Hire Filipino Seafarers?

It’s been said that Filipinos are one of the best seafarers in the world. We’ll help you find your requirements!

We Build Lasting Relationships Between Seafarers & Ship Owners

Experience work in these amazing environment

Good relationships are often necessary if we hope to develop our careers and our businesses.

As such, we always aim to create a harmonious and peaceful workplace for our seafarers wherever they may be deployed to. Similarly, we work towards providing our principals with the best candidates to represent their crew by ensuring proper training and development, encouraging open communication and establishing a good work/life balance.


C.F .Sharp is at the top of the manning industry for one simple reason, we treat people with respect and dignity. Our business is relationship driven, and our family values drive our culture of quality.

Miguel A. Rocha
President & CEO
C.F. Sharp Crew Management Inc.

Our Principal Says

“CF sharp have provided our crewing services for over 13 years now. During that time CF sharp have been perfect partners providing great advice, service and energy to the deployment of our seafarers. We are a challenging Principal, but at all times CF Sharp always deliver on time and are creative when required. Above all is the all-round support from the CF Sharp “family” that makes them different, whenever you need support from outside of the crewing team, i.e. legal, marketing, finance, HR etc. there is always an able and willing partner who works with you to support our business.”
“We all know that the past years has been challenging for Maritime Industry, whole team and for our customers. We want to take a moment to appreciate what CF Sharp has been doing in providing high quality of work and professionalism to support the business.”
“When we think of service, it’s CF Sharp. They’ve been so dedicated to deliver output on time. They’ve been illustrating the company values of persistence and focus on seafarer’s needs.”
“CF Sharp upholds the culture of excellence in the industry as they continue to take the lead in developing their standards as a company. With their remarkable team, they consistently deliver quality services.”
“They reinstate crewmembers’ confidence in the company, and employees can look up to their strong leadership. CF Sharp is beyond a company, it is a FAMILY, which keep each other and bring out the best from each other.”


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